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On my table, facials are not just a cleanse, mask, massage, etc. What I strive to bring you is a deep, spiritual experience. 


Only 100% organic products are used, made in small batches within the apothecary, and are catered to your skins exact needs. No preservatives, no chemicals, nothing artificial or harsh!

Facial Menu


  • Goal: Increase Cell Turnover Rate

  • Rosehip Oil Massage (nature's vitamin c) 

  • Holy Basil & Rosemary Cleanser  (help to stop free radicals from breaking down the elasticity in skin) 

  • Red light therapy 

  • Recommended Steam Essence: Rose (packed with antioxidants and vitamins c & a to reduce wrinkles)

The hope is always to age gracefully, but that doesn't mean we can't try to sloooooooow it down. With the "Anti-Aging" facial, we focus heavily on exfoliation, hydration and proper vitamins to the skin.

Think about it this way: dry skin breeds wrinkles, whereas hydrated skin creates wrinkles very slowly. 


  • Goal: Reduce inflammation/Kill bacteria/Lightly exfoliate

  • Tea Tree & Mugwort Serum & Cleanser (nature's salicylic acid)

  • Add High Frequency for $10

  • Blue light therapy (kills bacteria)

  • Recommended Steam Essence: Chamomile (naturally reduces the appearance of dark spots and blemish scarring) 

 I personally understand the life-altering effect that acne can have on your life.

 Whether mild or cystic and severe, treating the surface of your skin while curing the root cause of your acne is extremely beneficial. A lot of facials geared towards treating acne are focused on harsh stripping agents, acids and sulfurs- not here!

We are going to gently exfoliate, kill surface bacteria and reduce any inflammation. No pore clogging products, no skin-drying ingredients; just raw, anti-microbial products and gentle procedures.  


  • Goal: Heavy exfoliation/Vitamin A/Hydration

  • White Willow Bark Serum  (nature's vitamin a to brighten skin)

  • Gua Sha Stones (reduces puffiness and stagnant lymphatic fluid under skin)

  • Recommended Steam Essence: Peppermint (powerfully empties pores of debris and sebum build-up while also "waking up" your skin) 

It's time to break-up with your dead skin. I'm here to help.

With the "Brightening" facial, we are setting your skin up for success. Regardless of the season or your skin type, we all have dead skin that can build up and cause our skin to look dull and lifeless. With a heavy dose of invigorating steam, mechanical exfoliation and the perfect concoction of ingredients in my serum, you better believe that your skin will be dewy and glowing when you leave my table. 

Deep Conditioning:

  • Goal: Relaxation/Exfoliation/Balancing skin

  • Honey & Aloe Cleanser (anti-microbial and soothing to skin)

  • Light Facial Reflexology (relaxes the muscles of your face to reduce tension)

  • Recommended Steam Essence: Chamomile (an extremely relaxing scent that also balances any redness on the skin)

 This facial is aimed to help you relax and unwind while also giving your skin our full attention. Everything your skin needs will be taken care of during your time with me, leaving you not only feeling calm, but with your skin looking and feeling renewed. Extra time will be dedicated to deep massages on your face, hands and arms, as well as reflexology to really ease your tension.

Your soul and your skin will thank you.


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